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By its nature, the world in which we live is constantly undergoing change; therefore, accepted practices must also change if they are to be relevant. The changes of course, must be in harmony with God’s principles.

God wants us to do things properly and in order. With this being said, Pastor Keitt recognizes that our youth ministry is large in numbers and could benefit from a more structured and unified Christian environment.

He took a “call to action” approach by appointing Ms. Beverly Odom to the newly created volunteer church position of Youth Director for all youth ministries. Sister Odom will in part be responsible for organizing the resources for the following Youth Ministries: Youth-on-the-Move, The Sunbeam Choir, Angels of Praise, Children’s Church, The Youth’s Ushers, Boys-2-Men, C. L. Green and Sister-2-Sister.

The Youth Ministry will also serve under one financial umbrella. Beginning October 1, 2013, please be mindful of the following changes regarding our Sunday offering and other youth related financial matters. What use to be referred to as the “youth” offering, is now the CHURCH’S SCHOLARSHIP offering. The money that you put in the second basket will be used for the Church’s scholarship fund only. The inspiration behind this change is to raise more scholarship dollars for our 22 college and university students than we have been able to raise in the past couple of years.

While the Church encourages each youth Ministry to continue have approved fundraisers that are Godly and fit within the guidelines of the Church’s Board, the Finance Committee is committed to funding each youth Ministry on an equitable scale. On Wednesday, September 18, 2013, Pastor Keitt met with representatives of all youth ministries involved and explained the new changes. The advisors in attendance were receptive and cognizant of the adjustments.

Through prayer and positive leadership, the CMBC Youth Ministry will:

* Achieve a balanced ministry by incorporating the biblical dynamics of fellowship, nurture, worship and mission.

* Save the children and youth of the Church by leading them personally into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and by training them to share Christ happily and skillfully, realizing that “those who thus devote themselves to unselfish effort for the good of others are most surely working out their own salvation.” God’s work can never be finished without the young people of our church.

Contact The Youth Ministry

(803) Area Codes

The Director-Beverly Odom 284-0939

Youth On The Move

Rosa Verner 682-2773

Eva Nimmons 245-3120

Merlinda Wallace 709-1060

Lisa Nelson 383-2970

Angels of Praise

Dorine Lee 682-459

Lisa E. Stokes 245-2344

Lisa Nelson 383-2970

The Sunbeam Choir

Pauline Johnson 793-4412

Children’s Church

Gloria & Herbert Kemp 793-4844

Youth Usher’s Ministry

LaTonya Broxton 824-9401

Boys 2 Men

Brandon Jamison 383-2599

Octavius Jordan 707-3217

C. L. Green

Rosa Verner 682-2773