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In 1866, a few devoted Christians saw the need for a church in their community. They organized a church, naming it Capernaum Baptist Church. A sum of one dollar was paid for the deeded title. The record was recorded in the County of Barnwell, in the State of South Carolina. The church was deeded to the Deacons, Trustees, members and their ancestors of Capernaum Baptist Church. The church was a bush harbor which is a frame with bushes and branches attached for covering. Deacons Henry Atterberry, Cage Folk, Prince Hightower and Trustee Jerry Ford of Capernaum Baptist Church were in attendance.

After the church was organized and operated for a while, Rev. G. Kirkland was appointed the first pastor. He served willingly and faithfully for thirty-four (34) years. Among the first deacons were Deacons L. Thompson, L. Kemp, G. Thompson, P. Hightower and J. Dowling. The first trustee was Bro. Jerry Ford.

On May 27, 1866, the spot where the old church stood was donated for the sole purpose of promoting Christ through our fellow man. The church survived until 2004, when it was torn down after the new church was built. God has truly brought us from a long way, from a bush harbor to a wooden frame church.

Rev. T. H. Hutto was called as Pastor. He served for a period of three (3) years and was called from labor to reward. Rev. C. F. Posy was called and served for three (3) years. Rev. O. J. McPherson was called and served for five (5) years. Rev, C. F. Hollins served for three (3) years. Rev. T. L. Jones was called and served for five (5) years. Rev. W. O. Carmichael became pastor and served for two (2) years. Then, Rev. W. P. Jones was called as pastor and served for four (4) years. Rev. J. C. Scott was called to preach and he served for twelve (12) years.

Rev. C. J. Adams, a very spiritual leader, joined us and served a period of fourteen (14) years. Under this administration, five ministers were licensed and ordained. The ministers were Rev. W. W. Washington, Rev. J. Moody, Sr., Rev. C. H. Moody, Sr., R. Williams and Rev. J. W. Williams. Deacons ordained were Deacon N. Ford, Deacon Ben Odom, Deacon E. Banks, Deacon Jake Moody, Deacon W. Pauls, Deacon S. Odom, Deacon H. Ford, Deacon Frank Roney and Deacon W. Odom. The trustee that was appointed was Trustee Robert Moody, Sr.

Later, Rev. C. T. Screen from Augusta, Georgia was called and served for four (4) years. Under his administration, one preacher was licensed, Minister H. C. Chisolm and one deacon was ordained, Deacon James Williams, Sr. Rev. James Townsend was called and served for one (1) year.

Rev. R. H. Martin from Cottageville, South Carolina was called and served for a period of seventeen (17) years. Rev. Martin’s administration made splendid progress. Two ministers were ordained, namely, Rev. L. Banks and Rev. James R. Goodwin. In 1966, Rev. Goodwin was the youngest minister to be given a license in the history of the church. Two deacons were ordained, namely, Deacon Ulysses Garvin and Deacon Willie Banks. Trustee appointed were Bro. Joseph Faust, Bro. Leslie Cann, Bro. Sammie Hicks, Bro. N. W. Williams, Bro. Benjamin Odom, Bro. Archie Bolden and Bro. Paul Nelson. Many improvements were made to the church. The Gospel Choir and the Missionary Society were organized.

In March of 1974, we called Rev. N. A. McNeal from North, South Carolina. He served spiritually and faithfully for thirty-two (32) years. Under Pastor McNeal’s administration, he licensed and ordained two ministers: Rev. Willie Banks in 1981 and Rev. Willie Williams in 1983. He ordained twelve (12) deacons: Dea. B. T. Washington, Dea. Raymond Garvin, Dea. Phinize Ford, Dea. Leroy Banks, Dea. N. W. Williams, Dea. Robert Chatman, Dea. Willie Williams, Dea. Amos Brooks, Dea. Curtis Williams, Dea. Joe Banks, Dea. Bernard Garvin, Dea. Herbert Kemp, Dea. James Williams, Dea. Herman Williams, and a returning member to Capernaum as deacon, Dea. Willie Reed. Six trustees were appointed: Bro. Willie J. Chisolm, Bro. Melvin Chisolm, Bro. Willie Chapman, Bro. Nehemiah Washington, Bro. Robert Brooks and Bro. Reginald Ford. Sis. Gloria Breland was appointed to serve as Capernaum’s first financial secretary. She served for a total of twelve (12) years. The N. A. McNeal Choir was also established during Rev. McNeal’s administration.

The church began to move forward as paneling was added to a part of the church. New pews were installed and later cushioned. Later years, seeing the need to continue to expand and remodel, the church construction began in 1978. The expansion included the addition of a sanctuary. A vestibule was added to the front of the church. An inside pool, fellowship hall, the Pastor’s study, Sunday School rooms, additional restrooms, central heating and cooling unit, speaker system and five Sunday worship service were also added.

In 1991, the cornerstone was laid. Also under the leadership of Rev. McNeal, the Sunbeam Choir, Pastor’s Aide Committee, Brotherhood Club and Youth on the Move were organized. The fourth Sunday was designated as Youth Sunday. A new organ was purchased for the church and one chair in the vestibule was donated by Sis. Janie Brooks and the Missionary Society.

In 1993, a new roof was installed. Early in 2002, we started building our new church behind the old church. On August 11, 2002, we moved into the new church and began worship services every Sunday.

In October 2006, the Lord sent us a great spiritual leader in Rev. Clary L. Green. Under Pastor Green’s administration, we installed a new state of the art sound system in the church. A new choir, the C. L. Green Voices of Praise, was organized. A new driveway leading to the front of the church was paved and a new church sign was donated and installed by Dea. Raymond Garvin.

Also, a new piano was donated by Dea. Robert and Sis. Deloris Chatman. Two new trustees were appointed: Bro. Albern Reed and Bro. Jerry Odom. Two Jr. trustees were appointed: Bro. Brandon Jamison and Bro. Moses Salley.

On August 12, 2007, one hundred and twenty pew Bibles were donated and two family Bibles were donated by Sis. Elizabeth Moody and Sis. Paula Whetstone. (compliments of the Times and Democrat Newspaper of Orangeburg, SC). A Bible stand was donated by Bro. Lenwood Moody and Bro. Richard Moody of Augusta, Georgia. One chair was donated by the family of the late Sis. Ruther Mae Williams and the Missionary Society of Capernaum Missionary Baptist Church.

In 2009, Capernaum Missionary Baptist Church had over 400 members and the membership is steadily increasing. We are very proud that one of our own answered God’s call and hastened to offer herself as God’s servant. On May 17, 2009, Sis. Dollie Washington was licensed to preach. She was the first female ever in the history of the church licensed to preach. Brother Nehemiah Washington was appointed as a walking deacon.

In 2010, Dea. Nehemiah Washington was ordained. Min. Joe Banks preached his initial sermon on April 26, 2010. Drums were donated by Dea. Bernard Garvin. Walter Banks became our drummer and the Angels of Praise dance ministry was organized. The church organized a standard Program Committee: Pastor C. L. Green, Dea. James Williams, Jr., Sis. Ada Akins, Sis. Sara Bias, Sis. Gloria Breland, Sis. Beverly Odom, Sis. Minnie Walker and Sis. Rosa Verner were members.

On March 7, 2011, God called Pastor Green from labor to reward. On November 27, 2011, the Lord blessed us with a spiritual leader in Rev. Allan C. Keitt. Pastor Keitt was installed on February 28, 2012, by Pastor William L. Robinson of First Baptist Church in NLR, Arkansas. Under Pastor Keitt’s administration, Baptism has been incorporated into our fourth Sunday morning Worship Service and Communion Service is now observed once every two months. Pastor Keitt redeveloped our Children’s Church Ministry to add more teachers and time, and was given more space in the Fellowship Hall. Pastor Keitt is working hard through ministry to meet the right now needs of God’s people, whom he has been given charge to care for and serve faithfully. In doing so, He has developed and instituted the following ministries which have been added to the existing Church Ministries at Capernaum: Boys II Men Ministry; Sister-to-Sister Ministry; Health & Wellness Ministry; Couples-n-Christ Ministry; Single & Saved Ministry and a new Mother’s Board Ministry that installed 21 Mothers in July of 2012.

Bro. Clary Glover was appointed as a Trustee in January 2012 and Bro. Robert Mazyck was appointed in October of 2012.

In 2013, Pastor Keitt reorganized what was formerly called the Pastor’s Aid Committee and renamed it the Pastoral Care Ministry. The group appointed officers as follows: Sis. Josephine Raysor, president; First Lady Tamara Keitt, V. President; Sis. Lisa B. Stokes, Secretary and Sis. Deborah Mazyck, Treasurer. Others members appointed by the pastor included Carrie Acosta, Curleaner Glover, Douglas Stokes, St. Clair Williams and Nathaniel Williams.

In 2013, under the leadership of Pastor Keitt; and with the assistance of Sis. Lisa B. Stokes, the church launched a website and started a monthly newsletter to help keep the members and friends of Capernaum Missionary Baptist Church informed. The project was previously initiated by Sis. Dynisha Faust.

After serving faithfully since June 1974, Sis. Alzena Robinson surrendered her church secretary duties in August 2013. Sis. Robinson inherited the job from Dea. Nathaniel Williams Sr. The Church Board appointed Sister Debra Nimmons Pinckney to the position in February 2014.

The Program Committee for the church was reorganized on August 1, 2013, and officers were elected as follows:

Chairperson: Sister Lisa B. Stokes.

Co-Chairperson: Sister Carrie Acosta

Secretary: Sister Minnie M. Walker

Assistant Secretary: Sister Shirley Salley

Treasurer: Sister Debra Pinckney

Assistant Treasurer: Sister Anita Garvin

Others who currently serve on this ministry include Bro. Douglas Stokes, Sis. Eva Walker and Sis. Josephine Raysor. The advising deacon for this ministry is Dea. Bernard Garvin.

The purpose of the ministry is to plan and organize the major programs and events of the church.

With the guidance of our Lord and Savior, the Capernaum Missionary Church family continues to see growth in our Sunday School, Bible Study, and Sanctuary. As of June 2, 2014, Pastor Keitt received 138 members under his pastoral leadership; Baptism (80), Christian Experience (41), Membership Renewal 11, Letter (6) and 5 are currently under Watch Care.

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Last Revised Date: June 7, 2014

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